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Who we are


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Our mission

Our mission is the rehabilitation of drug addicts showing them that they can have a productive life without drugs . Serve and to give attention to people with disorders arising from the use or substance abuse in residential model , with a therapeutic program that enables a comprehensive treatment and acquire new values and a new lifestyle.

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Work the problem of addiction to psychoactive substances, making it clear to all of Brazilian society that drug addiction as a disease produces profound disruption - mint, social , spiritual, and family. Provide specialized treatment to become dependent on a person capable and autonomous with a constructive life project .

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Word of the President

Success is linked to good relationships... We are a team where we work together to maintain the credibility and seriousness of what we do.
Work, tireless dedication and passion for what we do. This is our formula.In every life, we see the future. Restoring families through Love.
Fabiano Alves.

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Schedule a presentation for your business, school , church or groups in general.

Several themes to guide and instruct people, very current and relaxed content that focuses on awakening to the reality of not living in the bondage of addictions, whether alcoholic or chemical .
The demand for drugs highlights the dependence that is the addict who seeks through it express their independence from their peers, or to a situation which apparently decreases their position in the family or in society, and reacts to aggressively looking for evidence a sense of superiority.

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